Camelias Anonymous!

George and Karen HarrisonI think I’m getting hooked on Camelias.  Who would have known?

My new house in San Marino has a ton of camelia bushes.  Each one unique – albino white, rose, red, striated, etc.  Even though camelias are growing all over San Gabriel valley and are very prevalent in San Marino and Pasadena, I never realized how absolutely gorgeous these flowers are.

George and Karen HarrisonGeorge Harrison and his beautiful wife Karen invited me to attend a camelia show at the Descanso gardens.  Camelia aficianados from the area come out to share their beautiful blooms and hopefully win some prizes – all sorts of cut crystal.

Becky, one of the camelia lovers, was giving me some pointers on what to do with my camelias since I wanted to enter them in the Novice category.

Little did I know there was a whole science to this.

First, do not cut and bunch camelias together like a bouquet – silly me.  Each one should be handled with care and kept separate from one another.

Second, do not, under any circumstances, touch camelia petals.  Always handle the flower by holding on to the leaf or the branch.

Third, cut the stem about 1/2″ below the bloom.  Hold on to the leaf, make sure that the bloom doesn’t fall off and hit the table thereby damaging its petals.

Fourth, put the bloom into a special little cup and decorate with two green leaves, preferrably at the 10 and 2 o’clock position.  You can pinch the leaves of the camelia and just position under the bloom.  Of course, the leaves have to be perfect or close to it.

Fifth, identify your camelia.  There are so many different varieties.  I brought in four, all four were identified and I can’t remember the names now.  George HELP!!!

If you’d like to catch the camelia show, there will be one more (last one I believe) coming up in a couple of weeks on March 8th.  And, it’s not too late to visit Descanso Gardens tomorrow – the camelia show will still be there!

Here’s a link to all the photos –

UPDATE:  Looks like four of my blooms won at the show:

Magnoliaeflora - Descanso Novice Court of Honor Winner

Best Novice camelia winner at Descanso Gardens


2 Responses to Camelias Anonymous!
  1. Ricardo Bueno
    February 25, 2008 | 12:13 am


    So you’ve certainly learned and excelled at something new since moving into that new home huh? Congratulations! (On winning of course)

  2. pasadenaviews
    February 25, 2008 | 12:40 am

    Thanks Ricardo! It was a lot of fun!!!

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