Overnight Parking in San Marino?

On January 4, 2009, the City went live with a new overnight parking ordinance and permit system.  The following is a recap of some elements of this program and how it works.

The new ordinance allows residents five (5) free overnight parking permits per calendar year.  This is five permits per address.  The software that issues the permits keeps track of the number of permits issued to an address, the vehicles they were issued to, and the person who applied for the permit.  Additional permits can be purchased on line for $5.00 a night.

Residents can obtain these free overnight exemptions or purchased permits on the Police Department’s web page by clicking on the Overnight Parking Permits link.  https://www.paymycite.com/sanmarino/Temporarypermit.aspx

In situations where a resident cannot apply for, or print, a permit, the Dispatcher can complete the application screen and print the permit.

If for some reason a resident is issued a citation they believe should not have been issued because they obtained a permit, the resident can appeal the citation and a check of the electronic permit records will verify if a valid permit had been issued.  If such a permit was issued (free or purchased) the overnight parking violation will be dismissed.

These recent amendments to the municipal code also made provision for long term permits in special situations, such as construction projects or catastrophic illnesses.  In these situations an applicant can submit a letter to the Chief of Police with the required $50.00 fee.  This letter must articulate the reason the special exemption is being requested and provide the license number(s) of the vehicle(s) that will be parked on the street.  If this request is granted the applicant will be issued hard copy permits with the applicable license number(s) as well as the expiration date of the permits.

The intent of modifying the overnight parking ordinance and the mechanism by which it is administered was to improve and streamline the process that maintains our aesthetics and safety by keeping cars off the street, yet also accommodates the occasional needs of residents to park on the street overnight.    Like any change, this transition may well require additional refinements as we see how it works and make changes to improve it.

Should you encounter difficulties with this process or have any questions, please feel free to call the Police Department.

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